4 AI Resources To Add To Your UX Design Toolbox

By:Morgan Plappert on 7/18/2023

These AI-powered tools can help you streamline your workflow and empower you to take your designs to the next level.

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Creating a Design System in Figma

By:Morgan Plappert on 6/12/2023

A guide to designing for scalability, flexibility, automation, cohesion, and every other positive, time-saving adjective you can think of.

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Email @ 50: Retrospective + The Future of Email
Email @ 50: Retrospective + The Future of Email

By:Nick Wunderlin on 11/19/2021

Welcome to the final installment of our Email @ 50 series. In this last article, Email @ 50 contributors review what they learned from writing this series and look ahead to the future of email.

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Email @ 50: The Art of Email Design
Email @ 50: The Art of Email Design

By:Morgan Plappert on 8/6/2021

I remember when I first started out as a designer (professionally), having to play Photoshop Tetris with cut up image blocks to piece together a full email layout. As a UX designer, we are taught that nothing is more important than usability and utility … and let’s just say, nothing puts those things to the test quite like Photoshop Tetris. Thankfully we have more sensible solutions now, but email design still comes with its added constraints and limitations. Luckily, I’ve had enough time and practice to be able to share a bit of knowledge, tips & tricks with you fine folks. So, let’s cut it up.

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Design Templates

By: Ashley Trommler on 9/15/2020

Associate Creative Director Ashley Trommler provides you a structured look at how you can design templates that work for your clients, but keep the brand intact.

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Wireframing vs. Prototyping and Everything In-Between

By:Morgan Plappert on 7/14/2020

Prototyping demonstrates ideas, and baking prototyping into your workflow can begin to shift the way you think and approach design problems as a whole.

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The Fold: Above or Below?

By:Morgan Plappert on 1/31/2020

Let's take a look at the much debated concept of "the fold" from a user experience, design and strategy perspective.

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Top Web Design Trends 2019

By: Mitch Wiesen on 9/27/2019

This year we've gone off the grid, broken the rules, and all-around gotten a little more playful.

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CSS Animation and Shadows

By:Nick Stewart on 2/18/2019

You really shouldn't animate box-shadows if you don't have to. However, it can be done, and here's how.

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Designing UI - plugins.via

By:Jason Clark on 1/11/2019

A new designer discusses the exciting process of designing a website UI for the first time. If you're new to design, this one's for you!

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Vendetta Against Words

By:Jason Clark on 1/2/2019

Historically, icons and images were the most effective way to communicate to the masses, but times are changing. We go over the good, the bad, and the ugly of icons.

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SMC: Building a Partnership

By:Morgan Plappert on 11/1/2018

Stockton Mortgage Corporation (SMC), founded in 2001 by David Stockton, is a full-service, independent mortgage bank headquartered in Kentucky.

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Louisville Leopards

By:Ben Wilson on 8/3/2018

We love working with non-profits (like Kentucky Refugee Ministries, KentuckianaWorks, and Fund for the Arts to name a few) so when our new friends the Louisville Leopard Percussionists (LLP) came knocking, we leapt at the opportunity. In July 2018, we l...

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Embrace iterative design, create better products

By:Morgan Plappert on 7/31/2018

“I nailed it!” But did you really though?

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VIA Talks: Designing Content for the Web

By:Ben Wilson on 10/20/2017

In collaboration with Mayor Greg Fischer‘s office, and Louisville Metro Government, we presented a talk on how we use strategic thinking to craft content for the web. For the Metro communications professionals we spoke with, the challenge is using the sand...

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An argument for and against "Above the Fold"

By: Emilee Dover on 9/27/2017

The notion of there being a box around an experience might be archaic, but there is still something about first impressions.

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The Internet's Bubble Wrap: Your 404 Page is More Important Than You Think

By:Morgan Plappert on 9/13/2017

Hand over that half-empty glass and let us show you a few examples of how to turn possible frustration into opportunity.

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Search is hard, unless you’re using Algolia.

By: Mark Biek on 11/17/2016

Search is hard Look, sometimes it’s enough to slap Google Custom Search onto a website and call it a day. For simple content sites where you just need the basics, that can be the easiest way to go about it. Or raise your hand if you’ve rolled your own usi...

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20 Years of Design & Digital - 1996 to Today

By:Jason Clark on 11/2/2016

This year VIA Studio celebrates 20 years in business as a digital agency. That's right, we were born in 1996.

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Why Design Mobile First?

By: Josie Flynn on 7/28/2015

Balancing user & brand needs to create the ideal mobile experience.

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Building a Better WFPL with WordPress

By: Josie Flynn on 4/2/2015

Empowering writers to create rich, informative journalism.

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Bringing The New VIA To Life: Video & Navigation

By: Josie Flynn on 2/23/2015

When building the new viastudio.com, we pushed ourselves to explore ways to integrate a variety of content.

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An Introduction to Iterative Development

By: Shawn Coots on 6/17/2014

A story in which VIA Studio decides to stop chasing waterfalls, thus altering their process yet again!

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Welcome to VIA Studio 2014!

By:Jason Clark on 12/31/2013

Hi! Glad you found us. I bet things look different since the last time you were here.

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Web Design Firm vs. Freelance Designer

By: Brandon Clay on 9/18/2013

Choosing the right web designer is a tough task, we’ll be the first to tell you that. There is a lot to consider: their style, expertise, past clients, ability to handle workload, speed of delivery. One major factor to consider is whether to go with a free...

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