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VIA Talks: Designing Content for the Web


Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson

on 10/20/2017

In collaboration with Mayor Greg Fischer‘s office, and Louisville Metro Government, we presented a talk on how we use strategic thinking to craft content for the web. For the Metro communications professionals we spoke with, the challenge is using the sandbox that is to effectively communicate with the people that they serve.

Corinne Resch and I (VIA Studio’s crack “strategy” team) presented how we would implement the principles we use day-in and day-out for our clients to the city’s challenge. The result is “Designing Content for the Web“.

Our talk, held as a part of a city-wide learning retreat, briefly dives into VIA Studio’s approach for designing content for any client:

  • Know Your Audience
  • How They Get to the Content
  • Page Structure

Watch and Listen on YouTube:

Listen on Soundcloud:

Download the PDF

VIA Studio Talks: Designing Content for the Web (2MB)

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