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B2B Marketing
WARE + VIA Studio: A Partnership that can Handle the Pressure

By:Nick Wunderlin on 9/7/2021

We hit the ground running when we started our partnership with WARE Inc in 2020, a year in and we've kept each other busy!

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Marketing Strategy
How To Upload .gif Display Ads to Google Ads
How To Upload .gif Display Ads to Google Ads

By:Morgan Plappert

Dynamic display ads are the recommended way to run display campaigns on Google Ads and the Google Display Network. Dynamic ads with animations and motion graphics are more likely to catch a user’s attention and result in a click.

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Apple iOS 14 Privacy, Facebook, VIA and You

By:Ben Wilson on 1/28/2021

Looking at the major impact that Apple's new privacy-focused iOS 14.4 will have on the world of privacy - specifically digital advertising. We'll look at why this is important, why Facebook is scared, and what we at VIA think about it.

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Email @ 50: The Art of Email Design
Email @ 50: The Art of Email Design

By:Morgan Plappert on 8/6/2021

I remember when I first started out as a designer (professionally), having to play Photoshop Tetris with cut up image blocks to piece together a full email layout. As a UX designer, we are taught that nothing is more important than usability and utility … and let’s just say, nothing puts those things to the test quite like Photoshop Tetris. Thankfully we have more sensible solutions now, but email design still comes with its added constraints and limitations. Luckily, I’ve had enough time and practice to be able to share a bit of knowledge, tips & tricks with you fine folks. So, let’s cut it up.

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Email @ 50: Email Development
Email @ 50: Email Development

By:Nick Stewart on 8/6/2021

Email development has always been the bane of a web developer's existence. You have to use outdated methods and don't have access to the full modern web to create a nice looking email that thousands of people will see. It's like asking a Nascar mechanic to create a car using only tools from the 90s - it can be done but its more than a pain.

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