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OBS Studio Tips & Tricks: Super Cool Webcam Options

By:Jason Clark on 1/5/2021

OBS Studio is an open-source, live streaming application that allows you to integrate graphics, videos, multiple camera sources, text, and more into its viewport, and more importantly, use that viewport as a webcam source.

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Looking Inward to Move Forward: The VIA Rebrand

By:Ben Wilson on 11/12/2020

A retrospective of VIA's ever-changing approach and constant commitment to partnership.

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Why Rebrand? A VIA Studio Panel Discussion

By:Ben Wilson on 10/16/2020

Often an agency will advise their client that a rebrand or a "refresh" of their current brand is in order. But why? It's an expensive, potentially disruptive journey that contains many unforeseeable obstacles.

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Design Templates

By:Ashley Trommler on 9/15/2020

Associate Creative Director Ashley Trommler provides you a structured look at how you can design templates that work for your clients, but keep the brand intact.

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How to Make Your New Photos Look Vintage

By:Mitch Wiesen on 9/1/2020

I’ve always been drawn to the warm, friendly way film captures reality. I found my first analog camera, a Canon AE-1, sitting on a blanket at a flea market at age 14, and I was enamored.

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10 essential UX best practices to keep in your tool-box

By:Morgan Plappert on 8/5/2020

"User Experience" it's more than just a buzz word. Let me tell you why ...

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The Importance of Brand Guidelines

By:Ashley Trommler on 7/14/2020

Behind every successful brand sits a strong set of guidelines.

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Wireframing vs. Prototyping and Everything In-Between

By:Morgan Plappert on 7/14/2020

Prototyping demonstrates ideas, and baking prototyping into your workflow can begin to shift the way you think and approach design problems as a whole.

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