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Why Rebrand? A VIA Studio Panel Discussion


Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson

on 10/16/2020

Often an agency will advise their client that a rebrand or a "refresh" of their current brand is in order. But why? It's an expensive, potentially disruptive journey that contains many unforeseeable obstacles. The VIA Studio team will have an in-depth conversation with Carl Smith, owner of the Bureau of Digital, discussing the strategies and tactics that delivered us to our new brand.

Carl Smith owns and runs the Bureau of Digital, an organization that supports agencies and provides the leadership training necessary to survive and thrive. Their focus on Digital Leadership, Business Development, Design Leadership, Operations, and Project Management has been invaluable to the digital agency landscape.

“This new brand is not a change for the business - it’s a recognition of the trusted partnerships, growth and successes this team has earned over the past decade,” says VIA Studio CEO Jason Clark. “We want to show the world what our clients and partners already know.”

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