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SMC: Building a Partnership


Morgan Plappert
Morgan Plappert

on 11/1/2018

The Challenge

SMC approached us because they wanted to more accurately represent their company brand and unique values, design a clear user experience for three distinct audiences, increase site traffic, engagement, and ultimately conversion.

The Solution

Our foundational approach always starts with helping develop an authentic and unique brand story. After that a focus on audience personas and business goals help guide the tactics.

Brand Narrative: Tell the story in an authentic way that encourages action.

Device Focus: Well polished and easy to navigate on mobile phones.

Simplicity: Clear goals for all content, copy, and narrative.


We saw improvements that could be made through our process. The existing website had some challenges we knew we could address.

  • SMC had outgrown the current, static structure of their web presence.
  • The website didn’t feel welcoming to our audience.
  • Too Kentucky-centric and did not accurately reflect the regional focus of the business.

So we rolled our sleeves up and got to work…

Our primary goal was to update the smcapproved.com website to accurately reflect the size and reach of Stockton Mortgage Corporation. How?

  • Increase the number of users who start the application process.
  • Personify the brand in a way that pulls an emotional connection with the user. This could be done in video or with studying personas more closely.
  • Position SMC as a central bank of knowledge for home mortgages (home loans).


In the end, SMC now lives with a platform that is progressive, speaks to their brand and is more effective in communicating their presence as an organization.

Tangible results since launch:

Pages/sessions are consistently up (and growing), bounce rate is down 10%.

Check out the site!

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