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Frontend Development

HTML, CSS and Javascript form the "presentation layer" of modern web development in your mobile and desktop browser. These things together are considered "Front-end Development". The tools, techniques and standards are changing all of the time - but our development team is always staying abreast of the latest. For our partners, we do the research, experimentation and testing needed to make sure your audience has an accessible, fast, reliable experience.

Frontend Development: Blog Posts

Developing the New via.studio

By: Alec Robertson

A deep dive into creating a fast, user-focused experience on the latest web technology stack for the new via.studio website.

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Dive into the Sanity Structure Builder
Dive into the Sanity Structure Builder

By: Mark Biek

Sanity is the super fast, super customizable CMS that we're using as the backend for the new via.studio website. One of the more powerful concepts that Sanity is the ​Structure Builder which gives you the ability to customize how content is presented in the Sanity admin.

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