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Frontend Development

Your Website's Performance Could Be Costing Time and Money

By:Alec Robertson on 8/5/2022

A poor-performing website can impact your customer’s experience with your brand. It can reduce conversion rates, affect the perception of your brand, and even cost your customers time and money. Learn how to ensure your website is performing to its full potential, the benefits of a performant website for your business and customers, and a case study illustrating the effectiveness of this work.

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Email @ 50: Retrospective + The Future of Email
Email @ 50: Retrospective + The Future of Email

By:Nick Wunderlin on 11/19/2021

Welcome to the final installment of our Email @ 50 series. In this last article, Email @ 50 contributors review what they learned from writing this series and look ahead to the future of email.

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Email @ 50: Email Development
Email @ 50: Email Development

By: Nick Stewart on 8/6/2021

Email development has always been the bane of a web developer's existence. You have to use outdated methods and don't have access to the full modern web to create a nice looking email that thousands of people will see. It's like asking a Nascar mechanic to create a car using only tools from the 90s - it can be done but its more than a pain.

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Developing the New via.studio

By:Alec Robertson on 6/14/2021

A deep dive into creating a fast, user-focused experience on the latest web technology stack for the new via.studio website.

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Dive into the Sanity Structure Builder

By: Mark Biek on 6/13/2021

Sanity is the super fast, super customizable CMS that we're using as the backend for the new via.studio website. One of the more powerful concepts that Sanity is the ​Structure Builder which gives you the ability to customize how content is presented in the Sanity admin.

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What's the JAMstack?

By:Alec Robertson on 6/13/2021

As a front-end developer in 2020, it is time that I fulfill the FEDeral mandate that I publish words regarding the JAMStack. If you follow too many developers on Twitter, it’s likely you’ve heard about the Next Big Thing in web development, but I’d like to put this trend (fad? movement?) into context to better understand what’s truly new about this approach and whether it’s worth using.

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By: Nick Stewart on 6/28/2019

We are using Nova and loving it. Our developer discusses the uses and benefits of this CRUD admin layer, and how it's improved our process.

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SVG Morphing

By: Nick Stewart on 6/12/2019

Although SVG morphing is awesome, it's sometimes difficult to do. Thanks to MorphSVG and GreenSock, SVG morphing can be a much smoother process!

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An intro into the Javascript Notification API

By: Nick Stewart on 5/31/2019

A brief intro into the Javascript Notification API - what it is and how to use it.

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CSS Animation and Shadows

By: Nick Stewart on 2/18/2019

You really shouldn't animate box-shadows if you don't have to. However, it can be done, and here's how.

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Bootstrap 3 Vulnerability

By: Nick Stewart on 1/31/2019

Earlier last year it was made known that Bootstrap 3.x suffers from a XSS vulnerability. This vulnerability allows malicious users to target the data-attribute and href attributes and pass code through. Here, you can access the progress on the fix.

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A very basic intro to React redux-saga

By: Mark Biek on 1/14/2019

Today, we’re going to do a very brief introduction to Redux-Saga and why it makes React+Redux apps much easier. To save space, we’ll only be showing the important bits of our app code.

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Sharing Is Caring: LESS Mixins Edition

By: Natalie Miller on 12/3/2018

Here are a few handy mixins to make your life LESS difficult.

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After Effects & CSS - learn both!

By: Natalie Miller on 6/20/2018

Adobe After Effects and CSS Keyframes might seem like different worlds, but learning both can help your team bridge a big communication gap.

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Creating Face Paint Peggy

By: Nick Stewart on 4/25/2018

Recently we launched Face Paint Peggy, a simple HTML/Javascript game that showcases the power of creating mobile games with web technology. The game is available on Android and iOS for free.

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Tips for creating a Canvas game for Android

By: Nick Stewart on 8/9/2017

With the help of our excellent illustrator Pat, we will soon be releasing Face Paint Peggy, an HTML Canvas game for Android mobile phones. The object of the game is to catch “drops” that are of a certain color, progressing through levels where drops move faster and more drops are on the playing field.

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Custom Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress

By: Natalie Miller on 6/27/2017

Bootstrap shortcodes are a quick way to make your WordPress content more dynamic.

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Fixing Two Basic Email Quirks

By: Nick Stewart on 3/29/2017

Working with emails is like traveling back in time - here are a few tips to help you develop emails for older mail clients.

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Responsive Cropped Images in WordPress

By: Josie Flynn on 12/19/2016

Optimize your custom image sizes.

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How a Classically Trained Illustrator Made Besties with an FED

By: Natalie Miller on 11/8/2016

Here at VIA we all dig each other (right guys?), but sometimes working across departments can be a challenge. Like Liam Neeson we all have a very particular set of skills; at times, blending very different skill sets can be a challenge, but when done right it is sure to pay off.

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Easy Responsive Featured Images In WordPress

By: Josie Flynn on 11/1/2016

Providing the best image for every situation.

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Better Partial Templates in WordPress

By: Josie Flynn on 10/19/2016

Make your theme modular and easy to debug

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Vue.js, jQuery & IE9

By: Jerrod Long on 10/6/2016

Regular readers of our blog might know that our development team has been digging into an emerging Javascript framework named Vue.js. Vue is similar to React and shares many of its features, such as single file components.

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Laracon 2016 Recap

By: Jerrod Long on 9/19/2016

Thanks to the fine folks at VIA I was able to attend Laracon2016 and it was awesome. Some of the things I learned: Taylor Otwell is a rockstar, the PHP community loves stuffed elephants, Laravel 5.3 & Vue.js 2.0 are spectacular, and PHP7 is fast.

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A Clever Mobile Image Orientation Display Trick

By: Joel Eckert on 9/7/2016

Utilizing the orientation of your mobile device as a control mechanism for a string of images can be pretty awesome.

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Escape from Project Hell

By: Pat Sheehan on 6/14/2016

“If I recall correctly, I had made a little game demo where there was a character (dude on a horse) that you could move around. Shawn saw this and was like let’s turn this into something, so he started on the graphics and I started on the game engine.” – Nick Stewart And that is how ”Escape from Project Hell” began.

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Your git history is important

By: Mark Biek on 3/9/2016

Crafting expressive project history using git rebase

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