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Platform and CRM Integrations

A custom ecommerce experience with Shopify

By: Mark Biek on 6/15/2020

Why Shopify? Shopify is one of our favorite hosted ecommerce platforms. It does a great job of making it easy to manage products, product variants, coupons, refunds, etc etc etc.

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Introducing VIA Studio's WordPress Plugins

By:Nick Wunderlin on 6/8/2020

Over the past year, the VIA Studio development team has carefully crafted and published five different WordPress plugins to help developers and webmasters get the most out of their sites and other commonly used services. Check out VIA Studio’s Plugin Library! Lead Integration: Gravity Forms + Salesforce WordPress Plugin Have you experienced frustration trying to connect web forms to your CRM systems? We feel your pain! This is what led to the development of our Gravity Forms to SalesForce plugin.

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Introduction to the Hubspot API

By: Nick Stewart on 6/20/2019

The HubSpot API has been a great new tool to work with, as it offers an easy-to-use API and a clean interface.

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Programmatically Controlling Events Calendar Pro

By: Mark Biek on 1/28/2019

If you’re not familiar with The Events Calendar Pro from Modern Tribe, it’s amazing and part of standard install when building a WordPress site. Note: We’re not in business with Modern Tribe.

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Integrating Shopify into your Custom Website, and Keeping Google Analytics Happy
Integrating Shopify into your Custom Website, and Keeping Google Analytics Happy

By:Ben Wilson on 11/15/2018

Have you integrated Shopify into a website you’ve built? It’s super easy to do with Shopify’s excellent documentation, support and infrastructure. Here at VIA Studio, we use Shopify primarily for sites that don’t need a lot of custom functionality, but need to function flawlessly and look good.

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Announcing the Launch of Our Second Fundraising Tool

By: Natalie Miller on 8/29/2018

After the successful launch of our eCampaign fundraising tool for Louisville's Fund for the Arts, we've expanded the system for another nonprofit.

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We Made You an Open Source Salesforce Command-line Tool, You're Welcome

By: Mark Biek on 5/7/2018

Easily explore the Salesforce REST API with our new command-line tool.

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Integrating Salesforce with WordPress

By: Mark Biek on 10/30/2017

Here at VIA, we love to build things. So, when the Center for Non-Profit Excellence approached us about a project, we jumped at the chance to build them a new, custom Salesforce integration for their WordPress website.

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Search is hard, unless you’re using Algolia.

By: Mark Biek on 11/17/2016

Search is hard Look, sometimes it’s enough to slap Google Custom Search onto a website and call it a day. For simple content sites where you just need the basics, that can be the easiest way to go about it.

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The Tickspot API and command-line cUrl

By: Mark Biek on 9/16/2016

Sometimes you want to pull some basic data without writing a bunch of code and that’s where command-line cUrl is super handy. Let’s try it out! Currently at VIA, we use Tickspot for time-tracking.

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Getting creative with Act-On | Marketing Automation Software

By: Nick Stewart on 9/1/2016

How we crafted a creative solution within software constraints.

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