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We strongly believe in open-source technologies. Our CMS of choice is WordPress, not just for its ease-of-use, but the large community that pushes its development to new and exciting places. Active in the Wordpress community, we also develop our own custom Wordpress plugins - and we can do the same for you.

WordPress: Blog Posts

Building a Wordpress Theme with Timber

By: Alec Robertson

Timber is a plugin that allows Wordpress to render files written with Twig, a PHP template engine. We built a recent project with it and found that it greatly simplified the theme-building experience. Let's dig into why Timber is so useful for building Wordpress sites and how you can get started with it.

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WooCommerce Tips
WooCommerce Tips

By: Nick Stewart

Here at VIA, we have many clients that use WooCommerce, which is also our preferred eCommerce solution. Over the years, we’ve found a few helpful tips and tricks that make developing for WooCommerce a little bit easier.

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