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Louisville Collegiate School

Helping a storied Louisville institution founded on tradition unfold a new, more innovative chapter through branding.

Louisville Collegiate School

Louisville Collegiate School has been rooted in Louisville’s educational landscape for over 100 years. In the last few years they felt that their story was being told for them, rather than by them, and it was not always accurate. Our charge was to take back control of Collegiate’s messaging and accurately reflect their unique educational value by unfolding a narrative of Collegiate’s traditional, yet innovative story.

Louisville Collegiate School students outside.


The brand concept we developed for Collegiate focuses on their unique program structure and the abundance of opportunities available for any hungry learner.

Brand Concept:

Collegiate removes the limits. Their innovative classroom structure allows students the freedom to explore different subjects and extracurricular activities in a way few schools can match. Collegiate also expands their worldview and exposes them to ideas, people, and cultures far beyond the confines of their campus. This approach helps the students believe anything is possible and gives them the foundation to make that belief a reality.

Four inspirational poster designs on a wall.

Marketing, Collateral & On the Web

Louisville Collegiate School charged us to translate this new “Limitless” concept throughout their website and marketing collateral, all while staying true to the foundational brand. We achieved this by expanding the color palette, developing a new graphic style, and using photography to showcase the active students engaging in a well-rounded, inclusive atmosphere.

The site was built on the WordPress CMS which allows for the limitless addition of pages, news stories, widgets, and photos to assist in telling the school’s story.

The Result

Louisville Collegiate School has a much more compelling and innovative brand that holds true to its traditional roots — and VIA has provided them with the foundations for a long-lasting brand.

Since the VIA rebranding of the Louisville Collegiate School, they have grown attendance by 20%. The reimagining of their storied brand was one of the first steps in their current remarkable growth.

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Louisville Collegiate School printed marketing materials.Louisville Collegiate School booklet.A person reading the Louisville Collegiate School folder pamphlet. Louisville Collegiate School website.The Bulletin, a Louisville Collegiate School magazine.
Unfolded brochure. "It's another world to explore."