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Dynamic Select Fields with Advanced Custom Fields
Dynamic Select Fields with Advanced Custom Fields

By:Nick Stewart on 12/8/2021

How to make Select fields in Advanced Custom Fields dynamic and use external content to populate and save.

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Building a Wordpress Theme with Timber

By:Alec Robertson on 10/6/2020

Timber is a plugin that allows Wordpress to render files written with Twig, a PHP template engine. We built a recent project with it and found that it greatly simplified the theme-building experience. Let's dig into why Timber is so useful for building Wordpress sites and how you can get started with it.

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WooCommerce Tips

By:Nick Stewart on 7/8/2020

Here at VIA, we have many clients that use WooCommerce, which is also our preferred eCommerce solution. Over the years, we’ve found a few helpful tips and tricks that make developing for WooCommerce a little bit easier. Use Hooks over Template Overrides ...

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Introducing VIA Studio's WordPress Plugins

By:Nick Wunderlin on 6/8/2020

Over the past year, the VIA Studio development team has carefully crafted and published five different WordPress plugins to help developers and webmasters get the most out of their sites and other commonly used services. Check out VIA Studio’s Plugin Libr...

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Programmatically Controlling Events Calendar Pro

By: Mark Biek on 1/28/2019

If you’re not familiar with The Events Calendar Pro from Modern Tribe, it’s amazing and part of standard install when building a WordPress site. Note: We’re not in business with Modern Tribe. We just think they make a great product. One of the things tha...

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Powering up the WordPress Admin with React

By: Mark Biek on 11/6/2018

Custom post-types are part of the bread & butter of WordPress. We use them everywhere for things like products, events, or just about anything else needing special treatment. Sometimes, a custom post-type is simple enough that all you need is the normal p...

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The Gutenberg Editor: What You Need to Know

By:Nick Stewart on 7/30/2018

Big changes on how you interact with content are coming with WordPress 5.0 this fall. Here's what we know so far about the Gutenberg editor and what it will mean for your website.

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Integrating Salesforce with WordPress

By: Mark Biek on 10/30/2017

Here at VIA, we love to build things. So, when the Center for Non-Profit Excellence approached us about a project, we jumped at the chance to build them a new, custom Salesforce integration for their WordPress website.

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Easy WordPress REST API debugging

By: Mark Biek on 8/7/2017

Debugging a WordPress REST endpoint (or any other endpoint) doesn't have to be difficult.

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Custom Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress

By: Natalie Miller on 6/27/2017

Bootstrap shortcodes are a quick way to make your WordPress content more dynamic.

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WordPress REST API: Secure ajax calls custom endpoints

By: Mark Biek on 5/9/2017

Here’s a handy guide to making secure ajax calls to custom REST endpoints. As you may have heard, the WordPress REST API is now included out-of-the-box as of WP 4.7. That means no more plugins or other workarounds to use it! It’s also super easy to add c...

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Custom WordPress Welcome Emails

By: Mark Biek on 2/1/2017

The default WordPress “new user registration” email is boring, but it doesn’t have to be! The default “new user registration” email Anyone who’s developed for (or used) WordPress knows that you get a pretty basic email when you register as a new user. I...

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Better Partial Templates in WordPress

By: Josie Flynn on 10/19/2016

Make your theme modular and easy to debug

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Optimizing your theme for WordPress 4.4’s responsive images

By: Natalie Miller on 2/23/2016

There are a few things theme developers will want to modify to get the most out of this new feature.

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Configuring WordPress for Multiple Environments

By: Jason McCreary on 2/8/2011

As a <em>production-ready</em> system WordPress can be difficult to setup in multiple environments. Take a look at how we setup our WordPress projects to in multiple environments and shared across our team. All with ease of migration and without plugins.

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