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Announcing the Launch of Our Second Fundraising Tool


Natalie Miller

on 8/29/2018

Late last year, we worked with our friends at Fund for the Arts, here in Louisville, to develop a new tool to collect and manage donations from corporate workplace fundraising campaigns . Our goal was to improve the user experience for their donors, as well as the folks at FFTA that have to manage the donations on the back end.

With the successful launch of the eCampaign system and $8.6 million collected, our tool caught the eye of LexArts. Similar to FFTA, LexArts is a cultural development, advocacy and fundraising organization for the arts in Lexington, KY. Building on the work we did for FFTA, we were able to re-skin the eCampaign system for their brand, adjust some of the functionality, and produce a quality fundraising tool on a tight schedule timespan.

“By leveraging VIA’s technical expertise, we are better able to engage with arts supporters and potential donors in the ever changing fundraising landscape. We are grateful to the entire VIA team for donating a considerable amount of their time to help us in our pursuit of more art for more people in more places,” said Eric Gurevich, Director of Communication and Engagement.

As an organization, we love the supporting the arts, and supporting those who support the arts! We’ve built the eCampaign system to be easily replicated for other nonprofit organizations and are excited for the prospect of future partnerships.

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