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Press Release: Louisville Web Design Firm Launches Four New Websites


Kim Clark

on 8/11/2009

VIA Studio, one of Louisville’s leading web developers, just completed work on new websites for Delta Logistics & Distribution, Stonewood Financial, Schnell Contractors, and Oz of Louisville.

“We chose VIA to build our new company’s website ( plus design our logo and write and produce two brochures,” said Sandy Woods, President of Delta Logistics & Distribution. “They really impressed us with the quality of their work and the speed they moved.”

Stonewood Financial ( needed marketing for a relatively new financial product called a Fixed Index Annuity. “VIA understands how today’s media works,” said Marty Ruby, President/CEO of Stonewood Financial. “We got a new website with full search engine optimization tied in with a very-very targeted direct mail campaign. I’m not aware of any other company that delivers capabilities like VIA.”

After VIA built their original website 12 years ago, President Mike Schnell thought his website ( could use a facelift. “Funny thing is, people were still giving us complements on the old site. VIA has been after me to add search engine optimization and a content manager to the site and the time was right,” he said. “I’m very pleased with the new website and I’m looking forward to the increased business I know it will generate.”

The OZ Louisville project ( started out as a gallery website and morphed into a full ecommerce website. “VIA helped us begin selling online and developed our affiliate program, too,” said John Gold, President of OZ. “We are currently testing several online advertising opportunities and closely monitoring them with VIA.”

VIA has a full package of services, including graphic design, copywriting, and a team of programming experts who can integrate a web site design and database into a comprehensive marketing campaign. The quality of the entire body of work wins the company raves.

“Even in this slow economy, VIA’s business has been good,” said Kelly McKnight, President of VIA. “I think the marketplace is just starting to realize how a cost-effective Internet marketing and advertising can be.”

In business since 1996, VIA Studio ( has won numerous awards in local, regional, national and international competitions including the prestigious AXIEM and Horizon Awards. VIA specializes in building, maintaining, and hosting websites and creating the marketing and advertising programs to drive traffic to the sites they build. This includes combining traditional with new media like search engine optimization and social media.

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