Your Website's Performance Could Be Costing Time and Money

By:Alec Robertson on 8/5/2022

A poor-performing website can impact your customer’s experience with your brand. It can reduce conversion rates, affect the perception of your brand, and even cost your customers time and money. Learn how to ensure your website is performing to its full potential, the benefits of a performant website for your business and customers, and a case study illustrating the effectiveness of this work.

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When to use Google Search Ads (Adwords) vs Facebook and Instagram Ads?

By:Ben Wilson on 7/23/2019

Knowing your audience and your goals will allow you to determine whether Facebook or Google Ads is a better choice for advertising your business.

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SSL All the Sites!

By: Natalie Miller on 2/24/2017

HTTPS is quickly becoming the standard across the web - here we discuss the why, the how, and some roadblocks you might face to getting your site secured.

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SEO 2015: What to Look For in SEO

By: Kim Clark on 2/19/2015

With 2014 solidly behind us, its time to look ahead to a brand new year of SEO changes. While no one can know exactly what changes in store, the following trends are all things savvy business owners should be aware of.

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Attack of the Penguin (3.0)

By: Kim Clark on 1/20/2015

That cute flightless bird that SEO agencies and website owners dread hearing returns as Penguin 3.0. Sometimes, I wonder if Google didn’t choose to name their changes after cute creatures to try and disguise the carnage that follows after each new creature lands.

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How Social Media Affects Search and Online Business

By: Kim Clark on 6/11/2014

It's kind of a big deal.

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AdWords Makes Changes to its Keyword Variations Settings

By: Kim Clark on 2/15/2014

In mid-August, Google announced a move to make close variant keyword matching to all exact and phrase match keywords mandatory. This change goes in to effect on AdWords campaigns at the end of September.

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Dexter hates SEO!

By:Jason Clark on 11/22/2011

“You know, Google’s kinda 5 minutes ago, right? It uses a targeted algorithm to aggregate content without getting tripped up by that sneaky SEO bullshit.” Meet Elliot. A fake search engine dreamed up by the writers of the Showtime series Dexter.

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Success is in the low-hanging fruit

By:Jason Clark on 9/2/2010

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to see big success with your website. We launched a redesign of one of our client websites earlier this year, with a very minimal scope.

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By:Jason Clark on 5/15/2010

Everyone knows what keywords are, but how they are being used by searchers, by search engines and by web developers are often quite different. In days gone by, filling the content of your web page with back to back keywords of interest was enough to get brief but significant attention from Google.

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Initial SEO Research

By: Kim Clark on 5/1/2010

Whatever client scenario it is we have to work with, the beginning of any detailed SEO project starts with research. That research takes time.

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SEO Takes Time

By: Kim Clark on 4/1/2010

Kim continues her SEO Blog series with a discussion on a viable time frame for an SEO Program.

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SEO 101

By: Kim Clark on 3/5/2010

In Owie's first installment of his SEO series, he discusses some of the broad concepts wrapped up in the internets' newest buzz term.

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