Success is in the low-hanging fruit


Jason Clark
Jason Clark

on 9/2/2010

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to see big success with your website. We launched a redesign of one of our client websites earlier this year, with a very minimal scope. We wanted the design freshened up, utilizing our usability talents, and a solid focus on Search Engine Optimization. Our main goal was simply to encourage people to contact us.

Besides some minor SEO cleanup, none of the page content changed, and the URL structure was exactly the same. We didn’t need to touch the WordPress back-end. The results came back today and are pretty astounding.

Visits: Up 13.59% Unique Visitors: Up 17.22% Pageviews: Up 8.94% Average Time on Site: Up 9.77% New Visits: Up 3.16% Traffic from Google: Up 39.89%

The amount of people arriving at the Contact page is up 452.86%.

Grab the low-hanging fruit first.

This is the big takeaway from this small study. Best practices change daily on the web, so having an agency that can keep up with the times is very important.

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