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Backend Development

Interactions with SharpSpring

By: Nick Stewart on 3/29/2023

Integrating SharpSpring into a website is fairly simple with the SharpSpring API, which offers many methods/endpoints with a standard REST API. Learn more from VIA's Senior Developer.

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Migrating from FreshBooks to Stripe for invoicing

By: Nick Stewart on 3/28/2023

The Jefferson County PVA previously used FreshBooks for invoicing subscriptions to users. Find our how numerous bouts of API downtime and a confusing API migration led VIA to explore other solutions.

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Custom Dev
Dynamic Select Fields with Advanced Custom Fields
Dynamic Select Fields with Advanced Custom Fields

By: Nick Stewart on 12/8/2021

In Advanced Custom Fields, there is the Post Object field that allows you to select a post resource from your WordPress website. This field can return the actual post object or the post ID.

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Development Solutions for Foxhollow.com

By: Nick Stewart on 8/24/2021

Between merging the data of two product databases, implementing a new POS system, and other considerations, we had to find backend solutions to make the frontend possible. See how we did it!

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Dive into the Sanity Structure Builder

By: Mark Biek on 6/13/2021

Sanity is the super fast, super customizable CMS that we're using as the backend for the new via.studio website. One of the more powerful concepts that Sanity is the ​Structure Builder which gives you the ability to customize how content is presented in the Sanity admin.

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Wordpress to Sanity Data Script

By: Nick Stewart on 3/11/2021

One of the biggest challenges of moving from one CMS to another is getting your existing data to the new platform. In our case, we were moving our existing WordPress platform, which had been around for years, over to the Sanity.io platform.

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Creating an AWS DynamoDB table from the command-line

By: Mark Biek on 7/31/2017

One of the great things about the AWS command-line tool is that you can do pretty much any AWS operation with it. For today’s example, we’re going to show you how to easily create a new DynamoDB table.

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Migrating from SVN to Git

By: Jason McCreary on 1/30/2014

A look at VIA Studio's recent migration from SVN to Git and how we converted over 100 SVN repositories to Git and improved our development process.

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RSS In Plain English

By:Jason Clark on 10/29/2008

Even though RSS has been around for ages now, people have a difficult time understanding it’s power and simplicity. This is the best video I’ve seen describing RSS in a non-technical way.

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