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Backend Development

Back-end development does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. From database design and deployment to writing application programming interfaces (APIs) to simply storing and serving your content, we’ve got you covered.

Backend Development: Case Studies


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Backend Development: Blog Posts

Dive into the Sanity Structure Builder

By: Mark Biek

Sanity is the super fast, super customizable CMS that we're using as the backend for the new via.studio website. One of the more powerful concepts that Sanity is the ​Structure Builder which gives you the ability to customize how content is presented in the Sanity admin.

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Wordpress to Sanity Data Script
Wordpress to Sanity Data Script

By: Nick Stewart

One of the biggest challenges of moving from one CMS to another is getting your existing data to the new platform. In our case, we were moving our existing WordPress platform, which had been around for years, over to the Sanity.io platform.

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