11 Tips to Build an Impactful Social Media Strategy for Any Business
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11 Tips to Build an Impactful Social Media Strategy for Any Business


Ajla Bedzetovic

on 6/29/2023

What is a Social Media Strategy?

One of the definitions of  ‘strategic’ in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “of great importance within an integrated whole or to a planned effect.”

When you think about a social media strategy, what comes to mind? Do you think there’s little ROI? Do you wonder how your business can go viral on TikTok? What’s the most impactful way to tell your story? Do you wonder how it fits into your business goals? A winning campaign and an online presence that makes users want to convert and advocate for your brand are only possible with a plan.

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In short, a social media strategy is a piece of the puzzle in bringing your business goals and objectives to fruition. In today’s digital world, the question isn’t about if your business should be on social media — the question you should ask yourself is where should my business be on social media?

Why Do I Need a Social Media Strategy?

Social media may not be your primary driver of conversions, but it should be a part of your overall business strategy as social media poses unique opportunities that other forms of marketing don’t. It allows your business more visibility, networking opportunities, and can allow you to direct visitors to your website. Beyond that, the use of social media is growing and changing, and in such a competitive and oversaturated space, marketers and business owners have to consistently show the value of their offerings in relevant ways.

In January 2023, Hootsuite released the following social media statistics:

  • 4 billion people across the world use social media
  • Over 75% of the world’s population 13+ use social media
  • 93% of internet users are social media users

Social media has become an integral part of most of our lives — people of all ages, from all walks of life, and parts of the world. Consumer behavior is changing more rapidly than ever, and many never interact with brands, products, and employees face-to-face, and instead rely solely on social media and websites for information, to build rapport, decide if they want to purchase a product or service.

Influencers and everyday people are sweeping the internet with brand and product reviews, and consumers no longer have to churn through four pages of Google reviews to get the scoop. Folks create and share (both positive and negative) interactions with a brand or product on TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook and Instagram Stories, Reddit, and many other platforms. 

Not having negative reviews isn't enough when your competitors have built a network of loyal customers. The time to re-evaluate and build a meaningful social media presence is now, and our strategy team has some gems to share.

How Do I Create a Social Media Strategy?

Social media strategy entails many moving parts, all of which are always evolving and changing over time. Before we get into those, remember that a strong social media strategy is consistent, integrated, and thoughtfully planned.

Use the following to guide the creation of your social media strategy.


Let’s start here because without clear goals or an objective in mind, you’re left without the key piece: strategy. The first step is outlining the result you want to achieve. Are you looking to build awareness of your brand? Do you want to establish yourself as a thought leader? Clearly define your objectives before anything else.

A tip to keep in mind when outlining your objective(s) is to keep them aspirational but achievable. You might consider starting with an objective for the first 3-6 months of your new or revised social media strategy, allowing you to measure your performance and make adjustments later.

The marketing funnel is a promising place to start.

Branding & Storytelling

'What Is Your Story?' graphic

This is a big one and a key piece to a larger conversation. You must figure out how your brand identity and positioning and brand story will be expressed on social media.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

After you’ve defined your objective, move to defining what success looks like. Social media KPIs might include impressions, click-through rate (CTR), video views, website traffic, and conversions.

Target Audience

This step requires you to analyze your current customers and conduct industry and market research. Tools like Google Analytics can help you uncover audience demographics, website entrances, most-viewed content, and more, to help you define your audience.

Your business probably has several audiences, but are all of them on social media?

Research, Research, Research

You should assume that almost every step in developing a social media strategy warrants research. By conducting an industry and competitive analysis, you can get a deeper understanding of what your competitors are doing and what your audience needs. Stay up-to-date on the latest social media trends (subscribe to free resources like Social Media Today), discover helpful existing or emerging tools, and more.

Social Media Platforms

Depending on what product or service your business offers, it might not be lucrative to be on every social media platform.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, probably isn’t fitting for a local clothing boutique, but TikTok or Instagram might be where their ideal customers and competitors are.

Content Types and Placements

Content types go beyond images, blogs, and videos. They also come in the form of reviews, emails, user-generated content, case studies, PR, podcasts, webinars, and more. Consider which content types support your objective, product/tool, and audience needs.

Person at show

Also, stay tuned into trending content and popular content types when planning and creating.


Money definitely talks when it comes to social media.

Counting money

If you’re ready to pay to play, even if you don’t have a big budget, but you’re unsure of how to get the most out of it, consider partnering with marketers who do. Our strategy team is no strangers to planning and executing successful social media campaigns.

Engagement + Connection

At VIA, we believe you must foster connections with clients and followers, and that looks like being personable and proactive.

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If followers aren’t chatting with a bot, then be human. Be solution-oriented and engage with people in your business via DMs, a post, etc. Suggest quicker ways they can contact your business in the future, offer your business email, and more. Consumers and customers don’t want to feel like a transaction, but at the same time, they’re looking for an easy and intuitive shopping experience.

Performance Analysis

Refer back to your KPIs, get ready to roll your sleeves up, and dig into the world of Google Analytics, Data Studio Dashboard, Google Trends, and any other tools you’re using to measure performance.

Revisit your strategy to make adjustments that align with your goals.

Lean on the Experts

There’s a lot that goes into social media marketing. If you or your business needs help creating a social media strategy, building one from scratch, or if you’re having difficulty getting your team started with the foundational pieces to build an impactful social media presence — your friends at VIA are around to help you reach your goals.

If you’ve been upping your strategy with our latest content, get more of it in our quarterly newsletter straight to your inbox.

Don’t forget to see our latest work on social, and contact us today to chat about your needs!

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