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Why Twitter will soon become obsolete


Jason Clark
Jason Clark

on 6/15/2009

I’ve written an article for iMedia Connection called “Why Twitter will soon become obsolete”. Take a gander, and feel free to comment on the article at the website. I don’t want to repost the whole thing here, so here’s the synopsis and the first paragraph:

Article Highlights:

  • Twitter is currently overhyped on a massive level
  • Twitter will find its niche, but it won’t be as important as some think
  • Look for Google Wave to fold all communications into an easier-to-manage package

“Social networks” may be a popular buzzword these days, but the whole concept of the internet was based on social networking from the start — going all the way back to bulletin boards, email, and forums right up to today’s blogs, social networking sites, and, yes, Twitter. As far back as 1978, bulletin board systems were essentially doing the same thing that modern networks are doing. The big difference now is that the usability and usefulness of the newer networks are infinitely better.”

“Why Twitter will soon become obsolete” at iMedia Connection.

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