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The Great VIA Speling Bee


Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson

on 11/12/2019

Take a stroll down elememory lane and put your spellibility to the test. Introducing The Great VIA Speling Bee - Louisville's only adult spelling bee. Every third Thursday from September to April. Five bucks, proceeds supporting our friends at Kentucky Refugee Ministries. Medals to the winners. NO KIDS.

At this point you are probably asking yourself "why is my favorite ad agency running a spelling bee?" - and that's a fair question. One that we'll answer without ambiguity:

First and foremost, we love having people in our space! It's a joy to see our clients, friends, colleague and extended family interacting and in a non-professional, casual atmosphere. A spelling bee is a remarkably egalitarian event, and our "elementary" theme drives that home.

Secondly - it's a real, physical event with real people - things that are easy to forget about in today's digital world. It gives us a great chance for us to keep those real world, "in the moment" skills sharp.

And finally - we get to create some really fun collateral, copy and tools to make it a really fun, functional experience.

See below for some examples of the work or RSVP for the next Great VIA Speling Bee on Facebook.

Massive tip 'o the cap to Adam Garcia and his Amazing Stumptown Spelling Bee for the inspiration!

PS: Yes, you in the back with your hand up for this entire blog post - we know "spelling" is misspelled. It's intentional.

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