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Emilee Dover

on 1/9/2017

Our design team did a pretty corny thing and discussed our resolutions and favorite moments of 2016. Here are some of our focuses for the next year.

“We have an awesome office space. I would love for us to be more dedicated in using it for creative community endeavors.” – Jason

“I want to make more… and I want to learn more from others. I’d also love to build a design group outside of our walls for feedback and insights.” – Emilee

“I have learned so much this year, quite a bit actually. Now I want to practice all that education and start making more.” – Joel

“This year I would like to learn to animate the static images I produce. Would be helpful to have a new skill set.” - Pat

“I’d like to up my involvement in the design community. I’ve started by getting involved in our local AIGA chapter, but want to post more work on creative channels like Dribbble and Behance.” – Kelly

“This year I went to the Brand New Conference in Nashville. One of the main overall themes of the talks was to develop a vertical outside of your comfort zone. I’d like to learn more about the camera equipment at VIA, continue to develop skills in After Effects and pick up Adobe Animate.” – Morgan

Our biggest theme

Making more. Less overthinking. More waffling.

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