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Welcome to VIA Studio 2014!


Jason Clark
Jason Clark

on 12/31/2013

The original VIA Unicorn

As you can see, we’ve given our brand and our site a freshening. The first thing you’ll see is the campaign on the homepage. We’re dubbing 2014 “The Year of the Unicorn”. A couple years ago we had a kickball team, and Matt Dobson created a logo for it. His genius design merged the Unicorn and an acronym to aptly describe the team: the “Violent Imaginary Animals”. A legend was born.

Since then we’ve had fun with the concept, but it never really spilled over to our branding, until one day a few weeks ago we were brainstorming the campaign for our site launch. The Year of the Unicorn was born! We’ve created an entire horoscope of Violent Imaginary Animals. We hope you figure out which one is yours and share it with your friends and us.

Sophie Hottinger as The Flash (from Dan Dry’s Instagram feed)

We were also lucky enough to have a photo shoot with Dan Dry, Chief Visual Officer at Power Creative. Our people are as integral to our brand as anything we produce, and we wanted that to shine with our staff photography. We love working with our partners in the industry. Check out the photos he shot of us on our About page.

We’ve also done some pretty amazing cutting edge work on the site, including looping video backgrounds and seriously awesome mobile responsive design. If you notice anything weird, let us know. We’ve bent WordPress to our will, so if the WordPress core team seem fussy on Twitter, you’ll know why.

This change also reflects a real change in our brand positioning for 2014. As “Digital Craftsmen and Communicators”, we’re showing off our ability to help the brands we work with shine all the way from strategy and concept to technical implementation. We put our best foot forward here and it’s what we like to do for our clients. If you haven’t worked with us before, we hope this refresh will help you see the awesome work we do here at VIA Studio. Give us a shout. Let’s do something epic for 2014!

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