New2Lou Logo Design Unveiled!


Jason Clark
Jason Clark

on 12/15/2011

Today we are happy to announce the unveiling of our logo design for New2Lou. We’ve been working with the organization for awhile now on their Brand Strategy, Identity, and Web Design. The first labor of love is finally released! We’ve had to sit on unveiling this one, because New2Lou unveiled the logo last night at their 2 year anniversary celebration. Congrats to them!

We’re working hard on the New2Lou site design, but their Facebook page describes their mission:

New2Lou is a social organization designed as a resource for transplants to Louisville, who are looking to meet people, try new places and get involved in Louisville. The second Wednesday of each month, New2Lou hosts a social at a local restaurant or bar, where people mingle and meet other newcomers, as well as meet locals who provide insiders’ information to make the transition to Louisville a smooth one.

Where can I hear free music? Best drink specials on Wednesdays? What about my haircut? Where do I get breakfast at 4 in the morning? While the group is primarily young professionals, newcomers of all ages are welcome. Come find out why people are moving to Louisville and why they can leave but almost always come back.

As fans of the city, we’re always excited to lend a hand on a project that injects energy into our social scene, so we wish New2Lou the best on it’s journey to be the welcome wagon for the city. Even if you’re Old2Lou, get involved and help welcome fresh blood!

Oh yeah, and buy a tshirt while you’re at it!

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