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July 24 Event: Art, Copy, Code - Let's Understand the Process


Jason Clark
Jason Clark

on 7/16/2013

Mark your calendars. On July 24, I will be giving a lunchtime discussion for the American Advertising Association Louisville Chapter. The cost is usually $40 for non-members, but guests of VIA Studio will receive $15 off that price. I may even force some of you to come out and pay your admission, because the discussion, in my opinion, is important.

Here’s the synopsis:

Art, Copy, Code – Let’s Understand the Process

Everyone talks about digital strategies, but no one talks about how it gets done. In this entertaining and enlightening conversation, Jason Clark talks about helping the media support the “idea”. More importantly he will guide you through the process of digital projects specifically related to client advertising and marketing. From a simple WordPress website all the way to a complex web or mobile application, the budgets may differ, but the process is strikingly similar.

The impetus from this discussion stems from the fact that most friction in a project stems from a misunderstanding of process. The boundaries between technology and advertising have blurred considerable, and will continue to do so into the indefinite future. If you want to be a part of this exciting industry, it’s important to have an understanding of how this stuff actually gets built. A solid respect and understanding of each individual role is invaluable.

So get your butts down to the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana at lunchtime on July 24. See you there!


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