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Jason Clark
Jason Clark

on 1/14/2011

I’m proud to announce that VIA Studio won a Silver Award for Interactive Graphic Design at the Louisville Graphic Design Association‘s 21st Annual 100 Show on Friday, January 7. The award was for the Actors Theatre website, launched November 1, 2010. Kudos to the entire staff who worked hard and contributed to the website design and development project, and thanks to Actors Theatre for their trust in the process.

Myself and Amber Glisson (from VIA Studio), as well as friends Matt Dobson and Cathy Frick created the introductory video for the LGDA awards ceremony. It’s a stop-motion piece utilizing post-it notes as pixels in introducing the show itself, as well as the judges for the show. You can view it here:

Also, the LGDA 100 Show ended my tenure as 2010 President of the Louisville Graphic Design Association. It was a challenging year, balancing work and family with a board presidency, but I think with such a supportive team, it was successful in all ways. Highlights for me were Ryan Singer from 37signals, SimpleScott. Both events were insightful, encouraged process, methodology, and expectation management. All the things I evangelize here at VIA.

2011 will be a fantastic year as well for LGDA, with our designer Amber Glisson assuming the President role for LGDA, so VIA Studio should be well represented again in the community.

Thanks to all the LGDA board members for your support last year, and good luck in the future. Also thanks to Actors Theatre in being so open minded during our design process. Working together with amazing clients yields amazing work!

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