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Johanna Boone

on 2/15/2016

The start of a brand new year brings a brand new service…

With the addition of CG craftsman Joel Eckert to our team, we’re excited to add CG (aka computer-generated-images) to our line of creative specialties. What that means for VIA and for you, is additional expertise in 3D modeling, imagery, animation, and storytelling.

Here are some examples of how CG craftsmanship can help tell your brand story:

You’re Important to the Future

Joel took our You’re Important to the Future cityscape and turned it into a 3D landscape that we now use as a video bumper and to generate still images of our version of Louisville’s cityscape. Click the image below.


PGXL’s Primer is a pharmacogenetics testing start-up here in Louisville, and therefore have a huge story to tell. A simple animation of the logo that we created for them helps add excitement and emotional appeal. Click the image below.

Meet Joel

Joel has experience with agencies here in Louisville as well as on the east coast, working on brands such as GE Aviation, GE Energy, Waukesha, GE Appliances, Toyota, Ford, the University of Louisville and ZEON. Joel’s plan was to branch out on his own as Big Little Pictures. Quickly realizing that A) he’s a pack animal and thrives in a team environment, and B) VIA Studio was filled with kindred spirits, he made his way here. Don’t click the image below, he’s working. You can click the next one.

With CG we can enhance existing illustration, photography or video. We can create new products or showcase existing product features.We can create a beautiful story about a messy process. We can build and animate logos. Add animation to your product video. The list is endless.

But the bottom line is this: We love to use technology to tell a good story. And now we have one more tool in our toolkit!

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