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Brace for Impact


Jason Clark
Jason Clark

on 12/7/2016

Our newest campaign is an homage to our history and impact as an agency

The message of our new campaign

“Brace for Impact”, the theme of the newest VIA Studio campaign, is built around the “big bang” that happened around the time we were founded: the Internet. No one knew it at the time, but every industry changed irreversibly as the internet took hold, ours most importantly. We were there from the beginning, and continue to evolve and lead our industry in the region.

The “digital agency” has effectively replaced the “traditional agency”, not as much in services, but in the way we solve problems. Since digital is at the heart of everything we consider, it’s never been an afterthought. We do feel like “digital’ will soon be replaced, and we’ll just be an agency. Digital isn’t a medium, it’s the world we live in.

Behind the curtains

“Brace for impact” came to life in an attempt to effectively communicate our impact (obviously), the history of the company, and the skills we have in-house. All these ingredients contribute to an astounding capability and body of work that is rarely matched in the region. Our campaigns generally have a positive message and a sense of whimsy. The brief for this new campaign was to reach out a little further beyond our existing friends and clients to new prospects that may not get our frequent inside jokes and culture-based messaging.

The challenge with crafting a message to a bigger audience, distilled into three words, was knocked out of the park by our team. “Brace for Impact” says it all, yet there is more to discover if you’re willing to partner with us on your next branding, marketing, or technology initiative.


Implementing the new campaign, once we had the creative polished and ready to go, was simple with our existing platforms. Our website was designed to accommodate any creative campaign, without the need to redesign the site entirely. Our well-loved and well-worn “You’re Important to the Future” campaign will live on indefinitely as the mural at our entrance. A message of inspiration and positivity that we all adore to this day.

Let’s get to work!

As with any new ad campaign the goal is to generate awareness and new business. If you are considering a new agency, we’d love to have the opportunity to talk with you and see if we’d be a good fit. We’re large enough to produce amazing work, and small enough to be nimble and cost efficient. Our broad range of marketing and digital services are too numerous to list here, but our positioning says it all:

Digital Craftsmen & Communicators

We use design & technology to solve branding & business challenges
Strategy | Creative | Development | Marketing

Here’s to a prosperous 2017!


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