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Foxhollow Farm

Our Father's Day campaign with our friends over at Foxhollow Farm cooked up real success.

Foxhollow Farm

A Growing Partnership

Foxhollow Farm, a new client to VIA Studio this year, is a family-run farm that has been in business for more than 65 years. The farm is based just outside of Louisville in Crestwood, KY. Their mission is to create a thriving Biodynamic farm community. They serve local area restaurants and consumers via curbside pickup and delivery.

Mother and son at Foxhollow Farm surrounded by cows.

Dad Boxes

Foxhollow Farm approached us in April to run a campaign promoting their newly introduced “Dad Boxes” in time for Father’s Day. Foxhollow Farms developed 4 unique “boxes” filled with fresh, organic meats and other products delivered in time for Father’s Day. Our job was to help promote and sell these products using digital marketing channels.

The campaign leveraged their delivery service. While Foxhollow Farm does offer curbside pickup at their farm, knowing that we were intending to drive a high volume of orders during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, contactless delivery became a selling point for this campaign.

Left: Foxhollow Farm orange reusable bag with packaged meat. Right: Salad in bowl.

How We Did It

For the campaign, VIA Studio leveraged digital marketing tactics like paid search and display on the Google Ads Network as well as display ads on Facebook and Instagram via the Facebook Ads Manager. We set the campaign to target user interests and keywords relating to Father’s Day and Father’s Day gift ideas, as well as more general barbecue/foodie interests and keywords.

Father and son playing on a porch.

Google Responsive Search Ads Helped Find The Right Messages

We leveraged paid search and display ads on Google Ads. For paid search as we placed an emphasis on responsive search ads, adaptive ads that utilize a number of headline and description options. Google Ads then runs the ads by combining different combinations of headlines and descriptions to find iterations of the ads that provide the greatest success.

A key aspect of the campaign was that it was utilizing grant money from Kentucky Proud, so each ad had to include the organization’s name or logo. A Kentucky Proud headline was “pinned” in each responsive search ad, guaranteeing that the required message was always displayed in each ad.

Responsive search ads recorded a click-through-rate (CTR) 95% higher than that of traditional static text ads also included in the campaign.

FoxHollow Farm Google search advertisements.

Foxhollow Farm responsive search ad example

Facebook Cart Abandonment Ad Sets Helped Users Complete Purchases

In addition to Google Ads search and display campaigns, we utilized the Foxhollow Facebook and Instagram profiles to run display ads targeting users with interests relating to barbeques and grilling as well as “foodie” users and users looking for Father’s Day gift ideas.

Utilizing the Facebook pixel installed on the Foxhollow Delivery website, we were able to introduce a cart abandonment ad set midway through the campaign that saw great success. This ad set targeted users who had added a product to their cart but had not completed their checkout process. This ad set also introduced new ad copy that created urgency around their order and delivery in time for Father’s Day.

Abandon cart retargeting social media ad for Foxhollow Farm.

Foxhollow Farm cart abandonment ad

Overall, the cart abandonment ad set had a purchase rate 5 times higher than the standard, interests targeting ad set.

Our partners at Foxhollow Farm were thrilled with the campaign’s execution, especially with cost-per-acquisition, which came in nearly 50% lower than our initial target for the campaign’s cost-per-acquisition.

While Facebook and Instagram tactics drove the majority of sales, the Google Ads component was helpful in driving traffic to the site and helping create remarketing and cart abandonment audiences.

Our partners at Foxhollow Farm were thrilled with the results:

“I set a high goal and was not sure we would be able to make it but with VIA Studio’s help, we were able to sell more products than we have in past years. We definitely made a return on our investment!”
- Maggie Keith, 4th Generation Steward of Foxhollow Farm.

Family hurdling cattle at Foxhollow Farm.