You've successfully hacked the home. <br>What's next?


Jason Clark
Jason Clark

on 4/9/2015

You’ve created the next home innovation at the FirstBuild Mega Hackathon. Now you either need to sell that idea to a company or, if you’re going the startup route, need to attract additional funding to scale up production and attract an audience. In essence, you need to build a brand. We’re here to help with that next step.

Create a Brand Identity

That product needs a catchy name, a professional logo, consistent colors, and a positioning statement that identifies your brand and unique value proposition as succinctly as possible.

Build your Brand Attributes

All the supporting elements of your brand identity, including, but not limited to – photography, illustration, video, voice and tone.

Develop the Communication Strategy

Know your Audience
It’s important to understand where your potential audience is, and how they engage, before you start building a website and other profiles.

Website & Web App

Not only should your website tell your story and created incentives to either connect or purchase, you should also find engaging ways for them to connect to your product after purchase.

Social Media Profile & Business Pages

It’s expected that your business be represented on social media. Luckily, it is a low cost way to market your product.

Inbound Marketing

Now that you know your audience, focus your efforts on creating relevant content and finding the publishing channels that fit their wants and needs.

Iterate the Product Design

Software products are never truly “finished”, and the same is true for home appliances. Using the research and communication tools described above should give you insight into how to evolve your products and make them even more engaging and useful to your consumers.

VIA Studio is Here to Help!

We help business of all sizes solve business challenges using design & technology. When you’re ready to take that next step, shoutout to @viastudio on Twitter, or contact us here.

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