Vinyl Friday: Best of Album Art Design


Amber Glisson

on 8/15/2014

It’s the little things that take the edge off this fast-paced industry we’re in. By the time Friday rolls around we’re ready for a little relaxation. There’s nothing like music to help usher in the weekend. On Fridays at VIA we’ve taken to listening to records in the production room. Thumbing through the record collection for something to put on I stumbled upon a few album cover gems. Last year we designed and produced a 45″ record for our year-end gift. After working on that project we have a new appreciation for album cover design. Here are a few of my favorites from the office collection.

It’s all about psychedelic Barry

Early 2000s design represent

Trippy and before computers

Creepy and pretty at the same time

Minimalist goodness

Twisted 2.0

This record is worth bustin’ out

Pretty much sums up the sound

The coolest in 1983

He’s just so zany

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