Trees Louisville - Identity is More Than a Logo


Kim Clark

on 3/25/2015

New logo for Trees Louisville,
designed by VIA Studio

Trees Louisville is a new initiative aimed at increasing the tree canopy in Louisville by 45% by 2045. This grassroots organization came to us for help with branding, a logo and identity package, marketing strategies and web design. They got something they didn’t expect; a partner.

When you design for others you have to find a common thread, a way to tell the client’s story with the talents you have and the voice they lend you. Listen closely, watch what their eyes are telling you and you’ll find inspiration a plenty. This is what we do to tell their stories. Trees Louisville needed a logo and they needed one quickly. Their press conference with Mayor Fischer to announce the initiative was barreling at them like a freight train.

Trees Louisville, like any brand, has to say a lot in a small time frame. If we can increase the city’s tree canopy, we’ll reduce the heat island effect that raises temperatures in our most urban areas by 10% or more in the summer months. We’ll reduce asthma rates and utility costs. Over all, we’ll live in a happier, healthier city. The metaphor here is not a difficult proposition, but it needed a bit of tradition (which Louivillians respect), and a bit of fun (which Louisvillians love).

The trees in the logo grow right out of the center of each letter. Every trunk is central to the beneficial outcome of the program. The canopy swirls, dancing with life, protecting our fine city underneath. A blanket of leaves from the beech, the ginko, the red and white oak detail the make-up of the canopy crown.

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