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The Rebuild


Shawn Coots

on 12/11/2012


At VIA, we ease our clients into redesigns, making them as painless as possible. However, when we all agreed it was time to rebuild the VIA website, we might’ve gotten a bit hysterical. Being your own client is very freeing since there are no rules or budget restrictions, but that’s rarely a good thing. After a few too many meetings about our pet project, we decided too take a break.

Meanwhile, several team members and I attended a few industry-leading conferences over the summer, all of which described a shift in how we build for the web. That shiny future we’re all rushing toward is focused on two goals: Content and Mobile. Okay, so we’ve reviewed the analytics to support this theory – now what?” Using what we learned, the team revised our internal processes with greater focus on content development. This new process recharged our batteries, laying out the plan for a new VIA website. So, dear reader, we’d like to invite you to take this journey with us. We’ll be posting our progress each step of the way.

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