The Diary of a C.R.A.


Jerrod Long

on 6/9/2016

In addition to my long-standing pursuits of all things development and guitar related, I have recently begun the journey of a CRA*. It is a new position as we have only recently added the CRM,** Johanna (pronounced Yo-Hanna), to our ranks.

Thus far we have completed three release cycles, all with outstanding success. Each release has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response and questions as to the next release date. I have been granted more responsibility with each release and cannot be more excited about my progress and the overall results of the project.

Having risen from the most basic of setup and grunt-work-esque tasks to being a DOI, *** I cannot wait to see the outcome of the next release.

How did I do it, you ask? Hard work, dedication, and a willingness to continue even after your mind**** tells you to stop.

It’s not always easy

My progression from CRM to DOI has not been purely linear, but that’s okay. Sometimes life is like a (slightly damp) flour covered countertop, it’s sticky and lumpy but you just have to roll it out until it’s smooth.

Other times you just feel a little off, like adding too much vanilla to the icing, making it all boozy tasting. (Not always a bad thing)

When you want to quit, you have to remember that just a little bit more effort will get you to your goals, just like butter. Always more butter.

What my CRM has to say

Jerrod has recently been promoted to DOI and has started advising on butter levels – I expect great things.
—Johanna, CRM

How is it done?

  1. Johanna makes the dough
  2. Melt shit-loads of butter
  3. Spread it on the dough
  4. Add cinnamon to the buttery dough until it looks right
  5. Roll it up
  6. Cut into 2 finger width individual rolls
  7. Let sit for stand-up
  8. Cook until they are done

Proof of Concept

How it is actually done

The Pioneer Woman cinnamon roll recipe

A note from the CRM – We don’t follow the icing recipe.
Ours is: powered sugar, a splash of vanilla, add half-and-half till you get the consistency you want.

CRA – Cinnamon Roll Apprentice*
CRM – Cinnamon Roll Master**
DOI – Director of Icing***
Mind – Stomach ****

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