Sometimes, it isn't easy being a fan


Amber Glisson

on 5/6/2015

Local start-up SuperFanU has evolved in recent years from a college sports engagement app to a platform servicing professional and high school athletics as well. As their company has grown, they discovered some confusion over their college audience-focused branding in opposition to their professional and high school prospects. Over the past few months, we’ve teamed up with them to delve into the world of being a super fan. We’ve learned how they can engage athletic departments in this on-demand society.

The Task

After a few workshops with the jovial SuperFanU crew we came to the conclusion that they truly embody the kind of enthusiastic spirit that they’re promoting. But their logo didn’t. On top of that, their staff provides a service to their customers that their competitors don’t, experienced implementation strategy. This is one of their incredibly powerful unique value propositions. After all, data doesn’t make decisions, people do. The staff at SuperFanU uses their tools to create results. The new branding needed to speak to the end goal, engage fans, and provide results. It also needed to be flexible enough to begin their growth into an identifiable industry leader. So, we needed a strong mark, something that isn’t prevalent in an industry where the product (engagement platform) is branded to the team.

Our in-house illustrator, Pat Sheehan, tapped into the emotions of sports fanaticism with a variety of sketches. These ideas grew into full concepts.

The Deliverable: Market-Specific Logos

The VIA collaboration resulted in a mark that has exchangeable parts for the the three markets they are in: High School, College and Professional athletics. No more ambiguity will confuse the specific focus they have on each of these industries. The character in the mark represents the super fan that exudes enthusiasm. His excitement speaks to the broad audience’s emotional understanding being a fan. The new expanded color palette provides a vibrant boost with flexibility for co-branding with teams on promotional materials.

With a finished logo, SuperFanU will now continue to grow their reach with confidence that each consumer knows they are talking to them and their market, but not without the big picture still in view. SuperFanU knows how impactful engaged fans can be. Moreover, they give fans the pep they need to power their team.

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