Reflection | High School Junior takes on interning


Joshua Jean-Marie

on 4/14/2015

Anytime I walk into VIA Studio, I immediately notice three things: Space, inspiration, and community.

This is not your normal office building. I repeat. This is not your normal office building.

This is your dream office building! I am being oh so serious.

Artwork and dry erase boards decorate the large white walls. Smells of Please & Thank You goodies float through the air. Creative minds and a dedicated staff fill up the various sit or stand workstations. (Honestly, I only intern at VIA so I can tell my friends about the secret bookshelf door in the kitchen.)

I can recall my first day at VIA. Welcomed by her warm smile, the outgoing Emilee Dover led me to my workstation and I immediately reacted by dropping my jaw. A large computer chair and a vibrant iMac were sitting there awaiting my arrival. (At the end of my first day, I took a picture of my workspace and posted it on twitter. Yes, #bejealous). To this day, I still have the same excitement when I come into VIA.

After a few days of settling in and getting into a routine, I started working on various assigned tasks. One task consisted of dancing in front of the VIA team to a guilty pleasure song of my choice. Other tasks have included finding examples of poor design, creating a website for my school newspaper, and redesigning a menu. My favorite task so far has been learning and exploring with photography. The most difficult task so far has been deciding what content should be placed on the newspaper website.

No matter the task, VIA always finds a creative way to get the job done.

This is the place to be. VIA truly defines what it means to find a perfect balance between work and play. Finding that balance is part of what makes VIA so unique and enjoyable. The University of Louisville should consider handing over its motto to VIA because it is honestly happening here.

I’ve only been interning at VIA for a few months, but during those few months, I not only learned more about design, I have also learned how to become a better leader in a professional environment. Everything I learn at VIA, I store and share with my newspaper staff back at school.

I don’t consider myself an experienced digital craftsman or communicator, but every time I come to VIA, I am reminded by a large mural outside of the building that just because I am a high school student, I too, am important to the future. #TEAMVIASTUDIO

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