Optimization is not just for the Search Engines


Jason Clark
Jason Clark

on 8/16/2010

Here at VIA Studio we have many projects that are “Search Engine Optimization” projects. What many people don’t realize is that their perception of SEO is what we are increasingly seeing as just general “Optimization”. This misconception is common because people sometimes equate search engine rankings with site success, which is not always the case.

Let’s talk about some other forms of “Optimization”

Design Optimization

When developing the architecture of a website, at many steps along the path you are balancing your own experience and perception with the goals and of the client. Of course the visitor to the site is the main focus, but at this step in the process there is a bit of guesswork as to how the visitor will expect and behave. You usually have to make many choices for the visitor in this process. How a visitor actually uses a website could differ greatly

Case 1: The site ranks well in the search engines, but visitors to the site are not acting.

In this case, your SEO is a success, but since people aren’t acting, you may need to optimize the design of our site. A/B Testing is a good idea for this.

Case 2: Visitor

Ultimately, the search engines want the same things that your site visitors want. Outlined below are some of our considerations.

Design Optimization

Process Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

User Experience

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