Notes From the Future Desk - September


Jerrod Long

on 10/3/2016

This month the Development department discusses search services, component based Javascript and the importance of site optimization.


Week 1: Small Components for the Victory

A core concept in React.js is that your application is a collection of small composable components instead of a monolith of tightly interlocked parts. The charting library Victory.js really drove that home to me, and is a great example that principle leads to powerful yet easy to understand tools.

Week 2: The Importance of Performance

According to new web performance research released by Google, 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Although this doesn’t sound too unreasonable (or maybe I’m just impatient), the average load time for mobile sites is 19 seconds over 3G (whaaaat). Performance is important, not only to your bounce rate, but in comparing faster sites (5 seconds) to slower ones (19 seconds), the faster sites had average session lengths that were 70% longer. Do your users a favor and optimize your site’s performance.

Week 3: Vueify FTW

Do you love the single file component feature of React.js? Do you hate the complex build process to get started with React? Vue and Vueify to the rescue! Vue has a very similar feature set to React, with the added bonus of two-way data binding. Another bonus to Vue is it is dead simple to get up and running. For a quick proof of concept or personal project you can simply include the bundled file from a CDN and you are off an running. If your needs are more robust you can use Vueify and bundle your components in ES6 style!

Week 4: We still love Algolia

We were recently tasked with rebuilding the search feature for one of our projects to make it faster and return better results. The task was made super easy with the help of Algolia a 3rd party search API. The Algolia API is fast-as-lightening and can return results as fast as you can type. It has cool features like typo correction and you’re able to customize the ranking rules. They have clients for just about every language and integrations with popular platforms and frameworks so integration is a piece of cake.


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