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Notes from the Future Desk: May


Jerrod Long

on 6/1/2016

Strategy takes over the Future Desk this month with a rundown on immersive games, powerful ad platforms, helpful mobile reports, and all-encompassing pixels. Entries are the views and opinions of Ben.



Week 1: New-Style Facebook Pixel

(old-timey voice)

Week 2: The Delightful Game Design and UX of Neko Atsume

If you haven’t previously heard of Neko Atsume… well, I’m sorry. Having just uttered those words to you is like seeing that VHS movie from


Week 3: Google Search Console’s Mobile Usability Report


Week 4: Facebook ads…for non-Facebook users

Non-Facebook-account-having colleague Natalie pointed out this week that Facebook is



Your place for all the happenings in and around Jerrod Long that made it to print.

Ben: “Jerrod and I met a Happiness Engineer last night” Natalie: “Is that like a Sandwich Artist?”

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