Notes from the Future Desk - March


Jerrod Long

on 4/1/2016

April is the month of code. Development brings you their notes ranging from maps, broken glass, headless themes and back again.



Week 1: Maps that don’t suck

Mapbox is a great tool for creating beautiful and dynamic maps but its browser support can be a little confusing.

Week 2: Headless WordPress

We’re finally digging into the new

Week 3: NextGen JS

ES2015 is the next generation of JavaScript, and is slowly rolling out to browsers. There are a lot of articles out there explaining how to use the new features, but this post at

Week 4: Broken windows and when to fix them

Working with legacy code bases can be down right frustrating at times. I often find myself asking “What if we just rewrote this from scratch using modern best-practices?” I soon realize that this isn’t feasible. Jeroen Moons has written a great article about



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I typed “burning IE logo icon” into chrome to see if anyone had made an icon of the IE logo on fire. Ted Cruz’s campaign logo was the second result. -Jeckert

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