Notes from the Future Desk: January – week2


Jerrod Long

on 1/29/2016

In this week’s entry from the Future Desk, we will cover some new tools and technology, plus an entry from a brand new department. Want a kick-start in the right direction with flexbox, VRay, A/B testing, or role definition? You’ve come to the right place.


Computer Graphics

Rendering advances allow artists to do more with less hardware.

The latest VRay addition, 3.30.03, has clearly moved to a progressive rendering model for its defaults. This is because the new progressive workflow for work-in-progress testing of materials and lighting is far faster to refine than adaptive rendering models. For final output, however, the adaptive quality is still superior and faster than previous builds, especially now with the latest DMC changes. The great thing about VRay is that you can have the best of both worlds. I would suggest reading through the changelog to learn more, they are adding tons of features in every microupdate. -JEckert



Your color matching woes are over.




Flexbox will soon eliminate the need for a grid system. Hooray for that!

The dev team completed a free online course at



Google Content Experiments – Easy A/B Testing using Google Analytics.

There has been a lot of talk recently about A/B testing – and plenty of services that have popped up to offer it. But did you know that Google actually has a tool that can help you do A/B testing, and it’s right there in Google Analytics? Yes, and it’s called Google Content Experiments. It’s pretty straightforward – you create your page variants and let Google know about them, and they do they A/B serving. Can’t wait to use this! –Ben



The importance of early role definition cannot be overstated.

Clarification of roles and responsibilities is extremely important for everyone on the project team. Its a slippery slope to frustration if everyone doesn’t know and understand who is doing what on a project. –



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