Notes from the Future Desk: January - week4


Jerrod Long

on 2/12/2016

So far in 2016 we have learned a great deal. January is in the books now but stayed tuned, Feburary just may bring a different style of notes from the Future…

Computer Graphics

Spoiler alert! The new Adobe Bridge update has a bug that is quite annoying.

There is a very annoying new bug Adobe Bridge v6.2.0.179 x64. If you render sequences to EXR and use Bridge to preview frames, Bridge will give you a prompt for every single frame for Open EXR Read Options. You will have to accept the prompt on every EXR frame in a folder because there is no way for Bridge to “always use this” yet. I would recommend holding off on this update which was pushed just this week. I have reported and confirmed this bug with Adobe Technical Support and it has been logged. On that note, I encourage everyone to spend the time to report bugs… it is the only way the things that bother you about software will ever get dealt with. -JEckert


Being on the cutting edge is exciting, but a little dangerous too.

Beware of the latest design trends. Sometimes they become industry standard, but more often than not, they can keep the work from standing out. It’s impossible to determine which way a trend will go, but, if your work is based on solid design principals and client goals, you mitigate your risk for being embarrassed about that piece of work in 6 months. –Jason


Let’s talk about flex, baby.

With flexbox support growing, certain issues with implementation are beginning to shake out. Reordering elements with flexbox can cause a disconnect between the DOM order and visual presentation of content, making tabbing through items or reading on a screenreader confusing. Although tabindex and aria-flowto offer less-than-ideal solutions, perhaps browsers of the future will be able to realign tab order to match the visual order. Heck, FireFox already does this, but its currently considered a bug. -Natalie


Know your audience. Know where they are in the purchasing cycle. Reach out to them there and give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

We have been collaborating on an upcoming webinar with a client using Act-On and Go To Webinar. To create a compelling event, we advise aligning the webinar content with your persona’s problem or need and where they are in the buyers’ journey. To get the right audience, you should consider laying out these specifics within your landing pages and emails:


  • what attendees will learn: create a bulleted list then add 1-2 paragraphs that go more in-depth
  • who should attend: define their company role or objective
  • set the education level: what knowledge is required
  • date, time, and co-hosts: set a date and time that is ideal for your buyer persona and seek out experts on the topic that are willing to collaborate with you on material and share hosting duties


You have a deployment checklist. Right? Yeah, you do, don’t forget to use it. Plus how to stay on QA’s good side.

This week has taught me many, many things. But let’s focus on two.
There should be a checklist for a website launch (and you should check it before hitting the GO button). And you should know the love language of your QA person. Is it chocolate? Coffee? You need to know this, people. She (or he) is very important in your world- treat her (or him) as such! -Johanna


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