New Louisville Web Design Team Member


Kim Clark

on 7/9/2009

VIA Studio is proud to introduce the newest member of its Louisville-based web design team. Meet Owie (pronounced “Oh-E”) the cat. Owie, a 1 year old male, is a skilled napper and blood pressure reducer. Owie has been brought on to increase productivity and to assist with support and project management tasks. His skill set includes long naps on the couch, chasing paper wads and keeping the chill off laps and feet. His areas of interest are bug catching and tree climbing.

Since his introduction to the office last week, Owie has spent his time adjusting to the increased availability of soft, warm places to sleep and he is thoroughly enjoying all the extra attention. We are all excited to have him around. His sunny disposition and eager to entertain attitude is a welcome addition to the office environment that more than makes up for the additional hair on the carpet.

If you have any questions regarding fur-covered mouse toys, proper paper wad construction specifications or are in need of some advice regarding snuggling techniques, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to make sure someone reads it to him in a timely manner.

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