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Our Clients Kicked Butt in the LEO Readers Choice Awards!


Kim Clark

on 9/22/2010

VIA Studio is proud to be engaged in the Louisville community. We’d like to congratulate our clients who have received recognition from the LEO Weekly and Louisville community at large in this year’s Readers Choice Awards. (Read the full article on the Leo Weekly website.)

Forecastle Festival

  • Best Music Festival (1st place)
  • Best Annual Festival (3rd place)

Actors Theatre

  • Best Live Theater (1st place)
  • Best Performing Arts Group (1st place)
  • Best Theater Production (Dracula) (1st place)
  • Best Theater Troupe (3rd place)

Stock Yards Bank & Trust

  • Best Bank (2nd place)

Lake Forest

  • Best Place to See Christmas Décor (1st place)


  • Best Delivery (1st place)

Ultra Pop

  • Best Place to Buy a Unique Gift (3rd place)

Acme Ink

  • Best Tattoo Parlor (1st place)
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