Larry the Office Bat


Corinne Resch

on 10/28/2016

Seeing as Halloween is quickly approaching, we thought this would be the perfect time to tell you engaged readers about our office bat. No, we didn’t choose him as a pet, he chose us and we love him even though we find a bit of bat poop on occasion.

Most of the time he remains quiet and hidden, sleeping the day away, but almost every day he makes a swift dash across the office from the upper area of the second story down to the rafters underneath the second floor offices. And consider yourself lucky if you’re the one sitting in the huddle room, chugging away at your work, when the tiny fur-creature decides to scare the sh*t out of you.

Every time he soars across the work room someone will yell “bat!” and drop the :larry: emoji (AKA our very own Bat Signal) into Slack, our messaging app. We all put down our work and watch Larry wiggle into the rafters. It’s pretty exciting.

One day we began to wonder, “Why does he show up at a slightly different time each day?” So we did what any resourceful sleuths would do….we searched for every mention of Larry in Slack and plotted those dates and times in a spreadsheet. The popular theory blamed the heat for Larry’s late afternoon relocation, so we started there. Then, we used Dark Sky to view the weather conditions at that time on that day and plotted temperature, humidity, and cloud coverage. Clearly, we have our priorities straight.

What we found was crazy! Larry was spot on in choosing the hottest time of the day nearly every time. It made us wonder…can all bats do this? Why do they need to be so in sync with the temperature? Does this mean they can predict the future? (hey Larry give us those lotto numbers)

We still don’t have all the answers, but we will keep you kind readers updated as we find out more about our nocturnal friend.

Side note: do we have any bat fanatics out there? We’ve speculated as to his specific breed, but are unsure. Our guess is a Little Brown Bat (partially because the name just sounds adorable).

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