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Web Design

Kickoff: Lebowski Fest


Leslie Daly

on 6/10/2013


We were abiding in our conference room last Thursday, holding a kickoff meeting that paved the way for a new Lebowski Fest website. The fest originated in Louisville, and we actually share an employee. With a member of our staff also serving as the client, we were eager to dive in. Christal has been involved with Lebowski Fest for over a decade and has informed opinions about what the new site should focus on. It’s the perfect project combination: a client that knows what they want and a team of achievers. Bring on the white russians, man.

The primary focus of the site will be e-commerce and the promotion of upcoming festivals. We plan on shedding unnecessary features while maintaining fresh content. A custom shipping solution model will also be built to make sure every poster and t-shirt arrives efficiently.

The design will be fun, engaging and cohesive. With a great fan base of achievers, Lebowski Fest is interested in engaging visitors and making the experience user-friendly. Similar to the rug that really ‘tied the room together’, we know the site will help Lebowski Fest become even more successful than it already is.

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