The New VIA Studio: Design Choices for Workspace


Amber Glisson

on 4/8/2014

If you didn’t know, we’ve moved. For the last 6 months we’ve been planning and overseeing the remodel of a warehouse in NuLu. Our new home isn’t far from where we were before, but unlike there we designed this space with the same love we give to client projects. The process was typical of work that a company does for themselves in that everyone was invested and easy decisions were difficult to come by. In the end, we applied methods we use daily in purpose-driven design. Together we were able to hash out who we want to be and make a space to help us get there. To illustrate I’ll share with you a few features of our space that are telling.

Artistic adoration: gallery space

Jason Clark loves art. For years he has collected from a number of artists he follows closely. This art collection was displayed in our old office and was a frequent inquiry of visitors. We knew we had to make space for sharing. White gallery walls in the entry and throughout the space give the art a place to shine.

Something for everyone: flexspace

We value community. We’re a group of people that are members of many other groups. To say we intend to invite people over is an understatement. The loft above the conference room includes a space for teaching and making. The production room desks have wheels to be easily rolled aside and a large white wall is perfect for projecting onto. Whether we screen a movie for our closest friends or host a wordpress training, we’re thrilled to have space to grow the community we love.

We don’t need doors: meeting rooms and small offices

The evolution of our process has included a strong push for collaboration. Knowing that creativity doesn’t happen strapped to your desk we’ve designed spaces to gather on both floors. These rooms are open to other main areas, but provide a place to have a conversation or grab a laptop and change your scenery. Noting that people who talk on the phone often need privacy, the second floor offices are home to account and management staff, but the cozy spaces aren’t intended to be bunkers. Their small scale intentionally makes it more convenient to use the huddle rooms for collaborating with others.

Coffee shop charm: entryway kitchen

It isn’t often that you walk directly into a kitchen from the front door. Office kitchens are usually unsightly and tucked away, but we adore food too much for this. Acknowledging we spend so many waking hours at our office, we wanted to make the communal space a center point for everyone to enjoy. The entry door from our parking lot includes a large storefront glass window with pivot doors that may be propped open on nice days. Its southern exposure provides the warm light perfect for basking. Visitors are greeted with the best natural light. The full kitchen with an island bar is a comforting place to sit. Soon we’ll add additional seating along the wall to create a cafe-like atmosphere. Arriving and waiting will be more like a trip to your favorite coffee shop.

Unisex with a shower: bike to work

Awhile back we did a office poll to find out fun statistics like office pet ratio and what else we might have in common. We discovered that many of our employees live nearby in a couple choice neighborhoods. When we purchased our new building there was buzz around the idea that we’d be even more accessible for most by bike or bus. Being environmentally and health conscious, it was a no brainer to facilitate a way for employees to ride to work and clean up here. Instead of dividing the bathrooms into mens and womens we opted to share the 2 bathrooms to allow for a shower.

The Nulu neighborhood: the best of both worlds

Well, we don’t have anything to do with the building of this neighborhood, but we’re excited to be part of its future. From the beginning of our search, we knew where we wanted to grow. We’ve always valued being a progressive business with strong ties to the city. NuLu has grown quickly into the bridge between the neighborhoods we live in and the businesses we help grow. With restaurants, parking and a creative energy, this is the perfect place to call office.

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