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Custom Slack Emojis


Natalie Miller

on 8/14/2017

Alright so the technical bit is actually pretty easy, I just wanted to showcase some of our many (MANY) custom emojis that we use here.

Step 1: Choose your image

Pick an image, any image, really – go wild. A square image works best and Slack won’t let you upload anything over 128 x 128 pixels, so crop and shrink it down.

*BONUS: you can also upload animated gifs.

Step 2: Add flourish (optional)

If your coworker’s angry face isn’t quite as expressive as Bekah’s, or you feel like something needs a bit more sparkle – add some text, stars, glitter, whatever to the image. Hop on over to photoshop, preview, MS Paint (RIP) and save it out.

Step 3: Upload

Now that your emoji is gosh darn perfection – you’re going to want to upload it. In Slack, click on your team’s name to open the dropdown menu. Click on “Customize Slack” which will take you directly to a page to upload your emoji. Choose a name and upload the file. Boom! Done!

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