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Air Pollution Control District

A redesigned experience for Louisville's only air quality information web map, measuring the local air and its pollutants.

Air Pollution Control District


Air quality impacts everyone’s health. It obviously impacts more vulnerable people with conditions like asthma, but everyone benefits from good air quality. The ability to enjoy the outdoors, and live in a safe and comfortable environment are just a few obvious benefits of good air quality.

The Air Pollution Control District had installed new devices that monitor the air quality in our area, and specific particulates that have an extreme effect in regard to air quality and pollution.

Some of their goals for the project:

  • Improve refresh rate speed and viewing capabilities
  • Better user experience, specifically on mobile devices
  • Include historical data to determine improvements or reductions in air quality
  • Make it an approachable, informative, and enjoyable everyday resource



APCD needed visitors to the website to be able to see and understand the data being communicated. The Air Quality Index is a simple index from the Environmental Protection Agency for reporting air quality so we had to make it simple. By designing a custom data visualization library, adding some fun micro-interactions, and inviting copy, the tool took on a more approachable look, feel, and tone.


We wanted to present our audience with learning opportunities. Educating them on air quality, increasing awareness, and enticing them to sign up for alerts. Rather than simply providing the client with a revamped website, we set out to make this more impactful, with the goal of it becoming an everyday resource for users. Fresh, relatable, and applicable content played a big role.


This small project allowed us to build a simple but very useful interface for anyone to view the air quality of the Louisville Metro region and, more importantly, understand what they are seeing, and if any pollutant that affects them might be at higher levels.

You can view the site here.