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WARE + VIA Studio: A Partnership that can Handle the Pressure


Nick Wunderlin
Nick Wunderlin

on 9/7/2021

One of the unique values of working with VIA Studio is our ability to manage and integrate brand, marketing strategy, and digital seamlessly. You'll see this reflected in our work with our most valued clients, such as WARE.

In late Summer 2020, we began a partnership with WARE Inc., a commercial & industrial boiler rental and service company specializing in sales, rentals, service, parts, and boiler training. WARE was looking for a partner with strong digital skills and enthusiasm to match theirs. WARE was already a well-oiled machine with a digital marketing ecosystem that included their corporate website, a boiler room parts and supplies website, ongoing digital campaigns, a CRM system that needed to be migrated, and a list of work they wanted to get started on as quickly as possible.

Digital Marketing

Digital Campaign Audit and Management

One of the first tasks we undertook after beginning our partnership was an extensive audit of WARE’s ongoing paid search campaigns. We immediately took stock of what was working well and should continue, what needed to be updated to improve performance, and collaborated with WARE on creating campaigns to take advantage of uncovered areas of opportunity.

Creation of New Digital Campaigns

With the audit complete, the first campaigns we set up on behalf of WARE was a boiler rental campaign that targeted users in Texas and surrounding areas. This campaign had an immediate impact as shortly after it was launched, the February 2021 blizzard in Texas knocked numerous plants and facilities offline, and WARE was able to help these areas with fast and efficient boiler rental services.

VIA Studio also launched campaigns to support WARE’s boiler room parts and supplies website BoilerWAREhouse.com, including:

  • A product-specific campaign to promote their introduction of Armstrong traps
  • A general awareness display campaign promoting the website to boiler technicians, plant and facility operators, and others in boiler and boiler-adjacent fields.

Website Enhancements

Predictive Search

Along with the digital marketing campaigns, we quickly got to work making a slew of enhancements to BoilerWAREhouse.com. After completing a thorough analytics and user experience (UX) audit, we discovered that site search was how most users were navigating the site and making purchases. Leveraging a predictive search service, Algolia, we enhanced the site search experience to make it predictive - making the search far faster and more functional.

Product Wishlists

Lastly, we developed product wishlists for BoilerWAREhouse.com so boiler technicians can easily keep track of products they regularly purchase but perhaps not at regular intervals. These product wishlists can be set up for specific boiler rooms they work on, products specific to a piece of equipment, or however the purchasing technician needs to keep track of their supplies.

User Experience

A vital part of every website enhancement implemented on BoilerWAREhouse.com are user experience considerations. Each update was planned and executed with user experience front of mind for our design team, in collaboration with the VIA strategy and dev teams. User flows, barriers to conversion, and web design best practices were at the forefront of every update.

Whenever possible, user data from Google Analytics and Lucky Orange, an all-in-one conversion optimization suite, was leveraged to ensure we were informing our decisions with user data.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

SharpSpring Migration

When we began our partnership with WARE, they were using HubSpot as their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform but asked for our help to migrate to a new platform, SharpSpring. In conjunction with WARE’s internal team, we migrated their customer and lead data, set up lead services for their various website forms, QA the new service, and wind down their use of HubSpot.

Visual Workflows

With their data and services migrated to their new CRM service, we got to work setting up visual workflows for their various lead forms to make sure that users were receiving proper automated email follow-ups, our and being informed about additional, relevant services from WARE.

Cart Abandonment Emails

Similar to the visual workflows, we also created a cart abandonment email workflow for BoilerWAREhouse users. These cart abandonment emails remind users of products that have been left in their carts and encourage them to return to the website to complete their purchase. These cart abandonment emails can also include promo codes in the future to further entice users to complete purchases.

Personas & Custom Workflows

With general workflows in place, VIA Studio is now working with WARE to leverage personas and customized workflows to ensure that all automated communication from WARE is relevant to the user, their role, and their needs. These workflows based on personas will offer an even greater level of personalized content and customization.

Content Generation

In addition to our technical services like website updates and CRM management, we are thrilled to have opportunities to flex our creative muscles with WARE and assist them with content generation for various marketing needs.

Blog Article Writing and Publishing

One of the first tasks we undertook for the WAREInc.com website was managing their blog and creating content for it. We started with an audit of their current blog articles to determine what content resonated most with their audience and recorded the most engagement. We also reviewed WARE’s YouTube channel, home to over 600 boiler-related videos, for inspiration as well. We ultimately agreed to a blog publishing frequency of 2 articles per month with all new content and custom imagery.

Social Media Management

We develop social media content calendars on a monthly interval to ensure WARE is always active on their various social media platforms. This content includes the promotion of services, blog content, and observations of holidays and staff achievements.

Quarterly eNewsletter

Another content generation project that we launched at the start of this year, a quarterly email newsletter. This newsletter ensures the latest WARE news, services, and promotions are regularly delivered directly to subscribers’ inboxes. Given the amount of content generated each quarter on behalf of WARE, it often acts as an overview of some “in case you missed it” pieces, with a couple of new elements developed specifically for the newsletter.

A year into our relationship with WARE and our partnership has been even more fruitful than either party could have anticipated. WARE’s strong desire for a truly collaborative partner who can not only accomplish their ongoing work but be bringing them new and exciting ideas to execute has kept the WARE account team on their toes, but to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

And if you think we're just blowing steam, take our client's word for it!

"After several marketing firms and many missed deadlines, we have finally found someone that is both creative, technical and on time. Working with VIA has been a breath of fresh air as their guidance, new ideas, organization, technical ability and customer service has been exactly what we have been looking for. We are excited for the future to keep dreaming and planning with their team. Finally our success is in partnership with a firm that gets it."

- Ritchie Ware, WARE Inc. Sales & Marketing/Chairman

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